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CaaS Nordic Webinar

North Sea-Baltic – The smartest transport corridor

EFTI catalyzing sustainable growth and vitality in the North-Sea Baltic logistics corridor

2.6.2021 – 13.00 (EEST, Finnish time)

COVID-19 – Disruptor of International Transport CorridorsOpportunities and challenges for the future of CaaS

Event Program

  • 13.00 Introduction
  • 13.05 Welcoming words
  • Expert Insights
  • 13.10 Finnish Insights
    Maria Rautavirta, Ministry of transportation and communications
  • 13.25 Estonian Insights
    Indrek Gailan, Ministry of Economic Affairs and Communication
  • Industry Presentations
  • 13.40 IBA2, Finland Estonia logistics data sharing best practices
    Harri Pyykkö, VTT
  • 13.50 EFTI ECMR
    Heiti Mering, Diginno / Innocap
  • 14.00 Electronic multimodal waybill
    Tomi Dahlberg, DBE Core
  • 14.10 Ferry transport connecting countries
  • 14.20 EDIH – 5STAR eCorridors
    Matti Lankinen, Vediafi / CaaS Nordic
  • Panel Discussion
  • 14.30 Topics: Data sharing in logistics, Data sharing between National authorities, Next steps for international collaboration
    All speakers + Rudy Hemeleers, Lauri Lusti
  • Workshop
  • 15.00 Topics: Data sharing business models, Project collaboration, Ensuring logistics data sharing impacts for Finnish and Estonian economy
  • 15.25 Final Remarks and Questions
  • 15.30 Webinar end

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