The first quarter of the year 2020 is just ending, which means that CaaS Nordic association is celebrating its first anniversary. One year ago, no one was expecting this kind of Spring. The world is currently facing one of the biggest challenges during our life time. COVID 19 virus is shutting down societies and economies. In this challenging situation the role of working logistics is vital. Although we have already faced some disruption in daily logistics, the system is still working and deliveries can be executed. CaaS Nordic association wants to encourage everybody on these challenging times and we believe that with cooperation we will overcome this.

The power of collaboration is also in the core of CaaS, since cooperation between different actors and sectors was one of the very first incentives to establish CaaS Nordic association. In the end of March 2019, when the association was established CaaS core team gathered together and signed foundation documents, with intent to promote digital, transparent and sustainable multimodal logistics. The aim was, that this association will be international and it will work via concrete actions and projects.

Now, one year later, it seems that we are on the right way. The association is international and more international dimensions are under process. During the first year of the association, it has got more members with different backgrounds. The association has been also very active on PPP collaboration and in Finnish level the CaaS Nordic has taken its place in the logistics sector. In the future we are looking for members from all Nordic countries.

In the Autumn 2019, CaaS Nordic organized joint seminar in Tallinn together with ITS Estonia, which succeeded well and produced good project and collaboration initiatives. These initiatives also promoted CaaS Nordic orchestration project which got funding from Finnish industry-based TT-Foundation in the end of 2019. The aim of the project is to promote digital logistics in all modes of transport with demos, pilots and feasibility studies. The actual work is done by many CaaS Nordic members in collaboration with some external stakeholders. Only with a solid collaboration such projects can meet all the goals that have been stated for it. This kind of “alliance” model makes this collaboration interesting, since it forces stakeholders to works beyond company boundaries and thus statement: “when you work more you will get more”, is materializing. Although this current situation with COVID 19 virus is affecting our collaboration, we are sure that we reach interesting results by the end of summer 2020 when the first project ends. 

CaaS Nordic also prepared invited session to TRA 2020 conference, with national and international speakers, but thanks to Corona virus the conference is cancelled. This was a pity, since this invited session and whole TRA would have been an interesting event for the association and cross border collaboration. Now we are forward looking and sure that there will be plenty of interesting events in the future where CaaS Nordic will be presenting practical results of our ecosystem collaboration. 

Thank you to all members of the association, and let us keep up the good work.

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