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Corridor as a Service

Corridor as a Service: A digital hub for supply chains and freight that innovates new technology and services to create more efficient logistics.

CaaS – Corridor as a Service

A new concept for logistics combining ITS systems to intelligent logistics.

In the CaaS approach main logistics corridors are tightly connected to logistics hubs by providing robust data and information sharing for the operating environment. From the very beginning of the CaaS concept has been developed in PPP-collaboration where private and public sectors have done collaboration with research. The CaaS concept was established in 2018 in Finland.

The development began from road transport, but soon CaaS covered all modes of freight transport. The goal of the new concept is to improve goods logistics in a business led manner in order to facilitate international and regional business. In the CaaS development demonstrations and real world pilots are used test and proof new solutions and value adding services.

In a nutshell

Corridor as a Service

Standardised data
Data is transferred between different actors in the logistics industry through standardized interfaces to improve delivery efficiency.
Digital services
Digital services ensure end-to-end transparency of events in the logistics chain.
Technological solutions
Precise positioning and real-time data transmission allow for greater efficiency in the logistics chain.
Public, Private, Partnership
PPP-collaboration reduces the need for manual documents and labor and makes logistics process more efficient and easier for all involved.

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